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Libratone goes Airplay 2

This not photo related at all, sorry. Sometimes you purchase a product with an expectation and it doesn’t do at all what you want. Like my Libratone ZIPP speakers. The audio quality is exceptional, no doubt but the app is shite and pairing it with my iPhone didn’t work at all the way I wanted […]

Just a hobby

Photography unfortunately, is just a hobby to me. A hobby I pursue based on time hence the infrequent updates on my page. I am trying to update as much a Is can but time doesn’t always allow it. I am trying to post more photographs in the future otherwise whats the point of this page, […]

I never knew

My girlfriend keeps telling me no-one looks at your flipping website. No-one cares, you don’t advertise it. You should make yourself an Etsy shop. I say no, I am sure some people look at it and hell no, no Etsy shop. I wasn’t sure tbh if anyone looks but now since I have the new […]

Goodbye Pixelpost

I have been thinking about moving my photography page for quite some time now. I very much liked Pixelpost as it did what I wanted it to do. A clean and simple photo blog but as the needs become more, I grew out of Pixelpost. If you want for instance add a blog to it, […]

The L Train

I have been watching the “L Train” for a while now. Always from a distance though. The other day however, looking through eBay I spotted a 24-70mm f4 L and thought to myself that this is actually affordable. I bought it. It’s still on it’s way from Germany.. in a few days it should be […]

I am still here

Well, it didn’t end, to pick up at the last post. At least not yet. Things have changed but nothing has come to it’s bitter end just yet. I am still here. I am still traveling and still taking pictures. I am just not blogging. I am frequently posting photographs on the home page and […]


So far I had only done some test pictures around the house. Last week I was finally able to take my new Olympus OMD EM-5II for a real-world shootout. A bank holiday weekend in London was a great way to test. With only hand luggage, the little Olympus was the perfect companion. With the camera […]


Having developed a small obsession with purchasing Apple Watch straps I recently acquired an Italian Leather strap for said watch in a Seville Reseller. Although it was made for the stainless steel model, I reconfigured it to fit my space grey aluminium model. Being a general fan of leather accessories, it made perfect sense to […]


This little piece of plastic fun I snapped up on eBay the other day. It’s titled a Holga Lens but one cannot really call it a lens since it’s just a piece of plastic with a hole, a pinhole, in it. No focus, no zoom, no nothing. It even comes with a cover, because any […]

Super 8

Last week I heard Kodak is going to bring back Super 8. People should rediscover Film. Most people only know Film as an Instagram Filter. I think it’s a great idea, as long as the cartridges are compatible with older models. Wouldn’t it be great to dig out the good old Super 8 and go […]


Completely unrelated to Photography; I am participating in ‘Veganuary’ or ‘The Vegan Challenge’ aka going vegan for a month. Thing is, I am fat. I don’t see myself as fat fat, more like ok.. I have some extra pounds. The first weighing was on the 4th of January: 111.7kg. Luckily I am 1.89m tall. The […]

Apple Watch

Thanks to Christmas and overworked post office staff, I received my red rubber watch armband only 3 month late. the idea was to have it for Christmas and wear it in combination with our red uniform t-shirts in the office. Now it’s January and I can compliment my blue t-shirts. I found the band for […]


Former mentioned Father Christmas dressed up as my girlfriend, has left me a Konstruktor camera kit under the tree. Build your own 35mm SLR in 1-2 hours! Amazing. She even got me a roll of film with it. Since the Holiday Season is almost over now and I have to go back to work tomorrow, […]

Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II

Father Christmas has finally been here and has left me with a mountain of amazing gifts. Amongst the Cinema in a box and a Konstructor I had my Olympus OMD EM5 MKII waiting for me. Purchased a little while back but not allowed to open, the time had come to do just that – open […]


Why not save yourself some money and buy an older lens for way less? If it was that easy everyone would do it, right? So far I have been using quite a few “vintage” lenses. I purchased a 28mm Olympus OM and a 50mm Olympus OM a few years back on eBay. However, mounting an […]


Late November last year I decided to get myself an old-school Polaroid camera. Over on eBay, one can snap up a still working version for less than £50. A bargain I say for a Camera that is almost 30 years old. My Polaroid Image System cost me £46 including postage and an original bag (didn’t […]