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Late November last year I decided to get myself an old-school Polaroid camera. Over on eBay, one can snap up a still working version for less than £50. A bargain I say for a Camera that is almost 30 years old. My Polaroid Image System cost me £46 including postage and an original bag (didn’t read that bit, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got it). Due to some unfortunate delays with the German/Spanish/Gibraltar postal service I had to wait almost 2 month until I could play with my new gadget. However, I used all this time wisely and sourced 2 boxes of polaroid film beforehand. Thanks to the good people at The Impossible Project (and some helpful students in the UK) getting it wasn’t an issue. So far I have taken only one Photograph. Unfortunately film for a 1986 Polaroid Instant Camera comes at a price – about £1 per Photograph. Makes you think twice if it’s worth the shot. It was definitely worth buying it – even if I don’t take many pictures, it certainly looks nice on my Camera shelf.