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Why not save yourself some money and buy an older lens for way less? If it was that easy everyone would do it, right? So far I have been using quite a few “vintage” lenses. I purchased a 28mm Olympus OM and a 50mm Olympus OM a few years back on eBay. However, mounting an OM lens requires an adapter to make it fit your Camera. Little did I know the first time round, so I just ordered the cheapest OM adapter I could find and disappointment wasn’t far. An adapter with AF-confirm chip brings much more joy! Although I love the picture I get from my OM lenses (which I sadly take out way to little these days) I wanted something a bit newer.. something with autofocus. EF film camera lenses should do the trick. It’s an EF mount and since it’s film, it should be full frame. The internet didn’t really speak to me. Some say it works and some say it doesn’t. So I thought why not go for a Canon lens? Canon invented the EF mount, so if one works – surely it will be a canon. I snapped up a Canon EF 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 for the bargain price of less than £25. Not bad for a Canon lens. And, it works. The focus is a bit noisy but it’s not USM, so what else could I expect from a lens that was born in 1987. Other than that I am pleasantly surprised by this lens.